Humanizing Homelessness

Campaign & Podcast Series

The Hope Health Alliance (HHA) is contracted by the Missoula Behavioral Health Local Advisory Council (Missoula LAC) to bring this campaign forward. The effort is funded by the Missoula LAC through a grant from the Western Service Area Authority.

“The Missoula Behavioral Health Local Advisory Council (Missoula LAC) leads our local and statewide partners and allies to reduce the morbidity and mortality of those experiencing homelessness in Montana, through a Homeless Bill of Rights, housing first model advocacy, and humanization practices.

We acknowledge that homelessness is the top risk-factor for behavioral health and other health problems and their deterioration. We further acknowledge it is the responsibility of the Behavioral Health Local Advisory Councils to be the voice of our peers experiencing homelessness.

The Missoula LAC will host a Town Hall to officially introduce the Humanizing Homelessness Campaign.

A Humanizing Homelessness Podcast will be hosted online through Facebook and the Missoula LAC and WSAA websites. The podcast will present first-person accounts of homelessness and will take a closer look at the greatest inequalities and needs as contrasted to those of the general population.

The Missoula LAC will work together with identified community partners and assist with communication between those partners and our locally and statewide elected officials, local and state agency partners, and our peers experiencing homelessness.

We will distinguish funding streams, including federal behavioral health Block Grant funds, and examine increased inclusion of the Addictive and Mental Disorders Division and additional agencies of the Department of Public Health and Human Services and Department of Commerce.

We will help identify and attach local, regional, and statewide housing priorities which will address the needs of our peers experiencing homelessness across the State of Montana.

Through our efforts we will see the rate of homelessness decline and the costs to the public healthcare system reduced.”

~ One-Pager from the Missoula LAC

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