Hope Health Alliance’s Behavioral Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) courses will prepare the individual to provide pre-hospital assessment and treatment interventions for patients of all ages with a variety of medical conditions and traumatic injuries. EMR’s in Montana perform basic life support skills and assessments and provide on-scene care [and sometimes they assist in transport]. EMR’s also assist with a variety of patient-prescribed emergency medications. The course will use the National Education Standards, Montana Board of Medical Examiners [BOME] Pre-hospital Treatment Protocols/Guidelines, and any other tools or criteria established by the MT BOME. There have been additional resources added in conjunction with our behavioral clinical  director and faculty therapists regarding communication, assessment, and treatment of behavioral and special populations such as those whom self-harm.

We have spent a lot of time formulating a course that we believe will provide the provider with the skills and knowledge to be an effective behavioral crisis first responder. 

Remember, this is not a separate level of EMR licensure, just includes enhanced training in aspects of behavioral patient care.

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