Dignity Center

(Drop-In Center)


(406) 493-6663

Funded through a grant to help those experiencing homelessness and behavioral health concerns from the MT Addictive and Mental Disorders Division of the Dept. of Public Health and Human Services.


5 AM – 5 PM

1500 W. Broadway, Ste. D

(Corner of Russell and Broadway)

DIC Mission Statement

We are a team of low-barrier professional mentors meeting our peers experiencing homelessness and behavioral health concerns where they are with an open mind through diversity and empathy to build  genuine connections.

DIC Vision Statement

We will strive to alleviate the experience of loneliness, isolation, stress, and pain for our neighbors without a home.

We will always provide peer-driven, peer-run services otherwise inaccessible within the community.

We will never willingly or knowingly harm another human being, nor ignore taking action to stop another from doing the same.

We encourage the diverse paths our peers choose while offering aid through hope, love, and tranquility.

We offer a behavior-based, low-barrier, non-clinical, and relaxing environment to be who you are.

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Take a walk with us through our relaxing atmosphere…

Enter through our door and step into a spacious, welcoming room where you will find a warm-hearted peer greeting you and showing you the relaxing environment we have to offer. Water is readily available to quench your thirst.

You enter into a large room where we offer board games, comfortable couches, and a TV with all the news, shows, and movies you need to help you escape the world around you.

Snacks are available several times a day with juice and water.

As you walk from the big room through the hallway you will encounter a water fountain with the sound of hope flowing through its channels.

On your right is a room full of fluffy, comfy, bean bag chairs and a sofa for you to sit and relax or take part in a video game. This room gives you the opportunity to get away from the larger group.

On your left you have a medium-sized, thrilling room. This room stimulates all your senses to your own specifications. Choose to color, paint, draw, write, knit, or put your hands on some fun, bright playdough to feel it squish through your fingers or use it to build a unique piece of art.

We hope you leave our drop-in center feeling better than when you walked in.

Generally people do not do as well isolated and alone.

We are a space where you don’t have to be.

Why a Drop-In Center?

The Drop-In Center will spread hope throughout the community that things can and will get better, and our peers will be by their side through person-driven, strength-based programs which are trauma-informed and trauma-focused.

We understand that recovery is not the same for everyone, and is not a one-way street. We wish to build a responsibility in the participant’s own recovery path. We will build up each participant by helping them to meet their needs for food and shelter, while helping them to be more confident in their work skills, and building their social networks and relationships.

Regular hours of operation are 5:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day at 1500 W. Broadway, Suite D, at the intersection of Russell and Broadway.

During regular Drop-In Center hours we offer snacks, staff and volunteer availability, and structured and unstructured groups / activities. 

We offer individualized resource assessments with referrals and assist with completing applications including those needed for SSI/SSDI (SOAR).

Staff including our volunteers, peer mentors, and management will provide one-on-one services with participants that have behavioral health conditions and / or no home as requested by the client.

Dignity Center

Programming Schedule

Drop-In Center (Dignity Center) Program Manager, Micole LaCounte, ASIST SOAR

(541) 500-9946 (work cell)

(406) 493-6663 (office)


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