Peer-Led Recovery Awaits You…

“Together, We Can!”

The Hope Health Alliance Family

Community Ambassador Action Collaborative
Hope Clinics
Peers to Peers
Peer Enhanced Emergency Response Services (PEERS)
Dignity Center

Visions Framework

The Hope Health Alliance is operated and staffed by persons with lived experience in having behavioral health and / or homelessness concerns.

We believe that people who self-identify as having behavioral health conditions provide valuable, therapeutic services to others who are struggling in their recovery journey. 

By sharing our experiences we connect with participants on many levels, and provide an alternative for those who are not interested in traditional behavioral health treatment. 

Our shared experience allows for empathy and understanding to better our relationships with various clientele. 

The Hope Health Alliance will inspire leaders and team members to empower those with lived experiences in behavioral health. This empowerment encourages improvement in behavioral health symptoms, thus improving the overall quality of life across the biological, psychological, and social aspects of each client, and in return, each peer supporter and mentor.

Our Values

Through our values we strive to create a network of strong peer communities.

Hope – Things can and will get better!

Respect — Appreciation of each person and their experience.

Dignity – Valuing individuals, groups, and communities for their contributions.

Creativity – Pushing the limits of what treatment looks like.

Learning – Everyone can learn throughout their lifetime.

Collaboration – Working together with individuals, groups, and communities to find the best options and outcomes.

Filling Gaps –Providing service solutions to under-served individuals, groups, and communities.

Love – Providing each human with compassion.

A Montana 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Non-Profit Corporation

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