Grassroots Advocacy Organization

“We will be listened to!”

In Brief

HHA defends against the discrimination & oppression of LGBTQ+ persons and those experiencing homelessness, and any ensuing trauma and stigma.

HHA promotes Suicide Intervention & narrowing health disparities between minorities and classes.

HHA mostly focuses on education. Our Community Ambassador Workshops, invented by our Founder, Tyler Steinebach, are one example.

We emphasize telling impactful personal stories.

HHA encourages affected communities to learn about the issues impacting them and the protections & rights afforded to them.

Through hope, love, and respect we build trust and improve quality of life, instilling dignity.

The Hope Health Alliance is a non-profit, IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization established solely for charitable and educational purposes. Donations are tax deductible. EIN 30-1249952

Doing Business As: Community Ambassador Action Collaborative, Hope Clinics, Peers to Peers, & Peer Enhanced Emergency Response Services.

Our Values

HHA Logo

Encouragement – We all have a voice.

Hope – Someone does care.

Love – Spreading compassion and kindness.

Respect – Appreciation of each person and their experience.

Dignity – Valuing all humans, systems, cultures, and societies for their contributions.

Collaboration – Working together for the best outcomes.

Trustworthiness – Relationships are built on trust.

Leadership – Transforming the world for the better.